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Please Quit Smoking

Hi folks.

I still haven’t finished my series on health care reform which starts with A Plan For Intelligent Health Care Reform Part 1, and continues with parts 2-4. There are indeed more parts coming, but those posts tend to run long and are somewhat labor intensive not only for me to write, but I’m sure for you to read.

Also, mine is not a blog dedicated solely to health care system reform, but rather has a mission to touch on many more topics. I don’t want folks who are looking for advice on how to stay healthy, or who are looking for commentary of recent medical news and breakthroughs, etc. to get turned off of this blog by encountering a never ending stream of posts containing my long-winded pontifications about how to fix a health care system so broken that it’s repair has been the dominant topic of every presidential election for the past two decades.

So, this brief post will not be about health care reform. Rather it is a follow up post to my previous stop smoking post. This is probably my shortest post so far I think. It is here really to just provide you with a link to another blogger whose writings I find valuable and enjoy reading. He has written a post titled Smoke Scream.

If you are a smoker and are contemplating quitting, please read this post. I sincerely hope it will help influence you to quit.

That’s it for this post (told you it was short). More health care reform pontification coming up soon!



Yes, you CAN quit smoking!

“Doc,” he said to me with all sincerety, “I’d really like to quit smoking but I just can’t.”

How many times have I heard that ridiculous statement???

Of course you can quit smoking.

It may not be easy, but absolutely YES YOU CAN!

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How to stay healthy

Okay, this will be a generalized, common sense post. It’s not intended to go into a lot of detail, but is intended to be more philosophical in nature.

Here’s the deal for staying healthy.

Think of your health as being like playing a hand of poker.

The cards you are dealt…..those represent your genetics, and those things life throws at you that are beyond your control.

How you play those cards represents your lifestyle…how you respond to life….in essence what you choose to do or not do with the body you have.

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