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Makes a great Christmas Gift!

Do you want to get a great Christmas gift for book lovers?

If so, then you should definitely go grab a copy of Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen, by J.L. McCreedy!

This is a modern-day fairy tale about a young girl from Mississippi who gets lured to a foreign land over her Christmas break, to meet relatives she never knew existed.  Unbeknownst to her, this is all part of a sinister plot by an evil witch and our heroine, Libby, falls right into her clutches.  Libby will have to rely on her wits and courage, and just a bit of luck if she hopes to save not only herself, but also those most dear to her.

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting Christmas thriller, then I can’t recommend this book strongly enough.  Available in both print and Kindle versions!

Go get your copy today, and remember to include it in your holiday gift shopping list!


My Awesome Wife Is Publishing Her Novel

As (both of the) regular readers of this blog know, my wife and I left the United States about a year ago in order to go live overseas for a while.  We had quite a few reasons for doing this, but overall, it was a desire to get out of the rat race of middle class America for a while and sort of “reset” our lives a bit.  We did this once before when we moved to Germany for a year and after being back in the U.S. for five years, we were overdue for a change.  So, in a bit of a whirlwind, we packed our bags, put our house on the market, and moved to a tiny island nation in the South Pacific.  To say the pace of life here is different than it was in the U.S. would be a bit of an understatement.

I’m still practicing medicine, but my patient population is quite a bit different than it was back in the states.

My wife is still doing consulting work for her clients back in the states (via really really slow and unreliable internet), but has scaled this back dramatically in order to pursue one of her main dreams in life, which is to be a writer.

She’s just put her debut novel “Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen” up on Amazon via the Kindle Direct Publishing program, and although my opinion is obviously somewhat biased, I gotta say I think she’s written a great story.

She got the inspiration for this story while we were living in Germany and walking and riding our bikes through the old stomping grounds of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (i.e. the Grimm Brothers).  A lot of people don’t realize that the original Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales were not the sugary cartoons full of sunshine and lollipops that were presented to us as kids.  In reality, the original tales were full of horrible people and terrifying creatures doing unspeakable things.  In a word, they were scary.

This story of my wife’s sort of returns to those original fairy tale roots a bit, but at the same time she keeps it just tame enough to be safe for kids to read (or have it read to them) without having bad nightmares.

If this sounds like a story you’d like to check out, just hit the link at the upper right of this page.  Amazon Prime members can download it for free via the Kindle Library Lending Program.  For everyone else, it’s still a heck of a bargain!

So go check it out and if you like the story as much as I do, leave some positive reviews for it and tell your friends, etc.  My beautiful wife would like to do this writing thing full time and I’d love for her to be able to do so.




Beer Washed Pillow Cases. Hmmm.

I just read an interesting post over at the Geeky Housewife blog.

Apparently she read in some magazine from Rachel Ray that if you wash your pillow cases in diluted beer, it’ll help you sleep better at night.  She is planning on conducting a home trial herself.

The very thought of thus wasting perfectly good beer already has me thinking I’ll probably be losing some sleep over this.  Here in the lifeboat, beer is a precious comodity and not to be wasted!

She also says that the article claims that the beer must be a “hops variety”. While I’m not a dogmatically strict prosthelytizer of the Reinheitsgebot, I do feel that if it ain’t got at least some hops involved, it ain’t really beer! (Now I know that some shiners also use the term “beer” to refer to the fermented mash prior to distillation, but we all know that ain’t the sort of beer we’re talking about here.)

Having not read the magazine article myself, I’m assuming they’re recommending a beer that has a more pronounced hoppiness such as an IPA , for instance.   These guys occassionally make some stuff that’s hoppy enough to erode the enamel off your teeth.  Just kidding.  But yeah, that’s a hoppy beer.

Rather than watering down and diluting beer for this purpose, I think the housewife should just save some time and use straight Budwiser or one of it’s many watery clones (Corona, Miller, PBR, Coors, etc).

Anyway, I am looking forward to reading the promised report of her findings from her home trial.



Onomatopoeia is when a word sounds like that which it describes.  Examples might be “Buzz” or “Rustle” or “Meow.”

I don’t know if there is a similar word which labels that which happens when a person describes something in such a way that his very description ends up being an example of that which he describes.  It’s sort of like circular logic in a way, I suppose.

Anyway, I observed this phenomenon in defintion number two for “Speak Truth To Power” over at  It made me laugh.  Those on the left may not find it so amusing.  Of course, power rarely does when having truth spoken to it. 🙂


Ha ha ha. I know how you feel dude!

Sometimes You Just Shake Your Head In Amusement


The sad thing is that around here, this thing might actually work!

I think I’m Starting To Understand Joe Biden’s Enthusiasm

Saw this story when reading the news this morning.

It’s a story that I couldn’t help smiling at.  Basically it talks about all the hanky panky that is going on at The Villages.

To those who have never heard of The Villages, it is basically a gigantic gated retirement community in Florida, where wealthy older folks can spend their golden years hanging out by the pool, golfing, and apparently, according to this story, engaging in all sorts of lascivious behavior.  And why the heck shouldn’t they???

Dr. Sam says “Good for you Granny!”

Anyway, the story immediately made me think of this video that was making it’s rounds on the interwebs a few months ago.

Glad to know we have such sober leadership taking over in D.C.

Thanks, Dude!

I had a patient today tell me that he actually read fully my posts about weight loss and was putting the stuff there into action.

He even downloaded a program called Lose It for his iPhone that was helping him keep track of calories and weight.

I don’t own an iPhone, but he showed me his and the program looks pretty cool.

So far (only a couple weeks) he’s loosing weight right on track.

That was pretty gratifying.

Thanks, dude!

More Natural Cures for Blood Pressure

Hi Folks,

I know it’s been about forever and a day since I posted anything here.  Sorry about that.  No real excuse other than life just keeping me a little busy.

I keep telling myself, “Self, you need to get busy and post some stuff!”

Every now and then, I’ll see some news story or something and think to myself that it looks like a good topic for a post, but then it seems I get distracted and it slips into faded memory.

Anyway, I saw this interesting story about blood pressure and it gave me a bit of a laugh, so I thought this was as good a topic as any to break the drought of posts.

Enjoy.  Sorry for the smell.

I’ll try to do a better job with updates!



Smart bird!

Calico CatNot sure why exactly, but this story really made me smile

Lost Parrot Gives Vet His Name and Address

It made me think of an experience my wife and I had during my medical school days in Jackson, MS.

One day, my wife came home and discovered a calico cat on the front porch of our house. It was a really beautiful cat with an extremely sweet disposition.

She petted it a bit and then went inside, figuring it belonged to a neighbor and would go home soon.

Well, the cat continued to stick around….for a day or two, so we decided to see if we could track down it’s owners.

It had a collar with a rabies vaccination tag.

So my wife called the veterinary clinic that was listed on the tag to see if they could use the tag number to locate the owner.

The clinic was located in south Jackson in what is essentially a nearly exclusively African American neighborhood.

The receptionist answering the telephone took the tag number from my wife and put her on hold while she looked up the owners name in her records.

A few moments later she came back on the line and my wife heard her say “That’s not yo’ kitty.”

My wife responded “Oh, I know she’s not mine. That’s why I called you. I found her on my porch and I’m trying to locate her owner.”

My wife heard her start giggling and say “No, that’s not yo’ kitty.”

Realizing she was not being understood, my wife responded, speaking a little more slowly “I know it’s not my kitty. I’m trying to find out whose kitty it is.”

They went back and forth like this a few more times with the receptionist getting increasingly giggly and my wife getting increasingly frustrated.

Finally, the receptionist between giggles cleared things up by telling my wife, “You don’t understand. I’m trying to tell you the cat’s name. Her name is ‘Nacho-Kitty.’   If you bring her down to the clinic, we can contact the owner for you and return their cat to them.”

(Maybe you had to be there, but usually when my wife tells this story, people give her a funny look.

I think maybe in our overly-P.C. society they think she is being racist and making it up or something, but my wife is by far the least racist person I have ever known. I honestly know nobody with a more pure, kind, and accepting heart.

She’s just relaying the story as it happened.)

HT for the parrot story to BadHabit.
Picture credit.

More On Spam (or should I say Moron Spam?)

Turkey SpamThis is a pretty new blog and I am a relatively very new blogger.

When I started this website and blog, one of my main goals was to simply expose myself to this cyber-world and get some experience and learn a bit about creating internet content.

Many/most of my blog posts have been excessively wordy, but I realize that this is part of my learning experience. All of them have been heartfelt. All of them represent countless hours of research and work.

As with most new blogs, my internet traffic has been less than stellar. This hasn’t really surprised me too much.

I read one statistic that stated that there are approximately 175,000 new blogs started every day. So, I know that no matter how great a writer I might be (which I know I am not), it’s going to take some time to get any sort of meaningful traffic.

So, with all that in mind, I must say that I was somewhat amused with my most recent post which I put up a little over a week ago. It was the one titled Fax Spam in which I briefly talked about an annoying though somewhat humorous fax I received advertising some sort of male sexual enhancement product being sold at the website

Of all my posts, this was the one I put the least effort or thought into. It was just a brief little blurb I typed out in about 10 minutes for fun.

Wouldn’t you know, it has garnered more traffic so far than all my other posts combined.

My traffic is still certainly pathetic, but this was a real head-shaker.

The most fun part of the whole thing was in the comments section of that post. I have learned that there are definitely some real loons out there in internet land.

Anyway, I thought I’d try a little experiment here and provide a small sample of the email spam I have received today just to see what happens.

If you are reading this, then thanks for your participation in this experiment in human behavior.

Here goes.

This first one is a spam email I received from “Anita Kaiser“. It’s subject line is titled BEST PRICE ! Buy Cialis, Viagra online NOW – and save 50% your money !!!

The body of the email reads as follows.

Hello !

Now you have the opportunity to save your time and money!

With US based online p,h,a,r,m,a,cy store you can buy any meds you

Forget about p/r/e/s/c/r/i/p/t/i/o/n/s and doctors. Now you save your

Forget about high prices at local stores.

M/e/n/’s H/e/a/l/t/h
A/n/t/i – D/e/p/r/e/s/s/a/n/t/s
P/a/i/n R/e/l/i/e/f
W/e/i/g/h/t l/o/s/s

Go visit:


Next in our experiment is the following spam email I received today from “Ernest Calloway“, though his return email address is

By the way Brian, if my publishing of your email address generates some spam for you, well you know, Karma.

Anyway, the title of Brian’s, er I mean “Ernest’s” email is “re: (no subject)

Ooh, now that’s original. Hey, do you think he was trying to fool me into thinking he was actually responding to an email I sent him? Oh Ernest, you’re so clever!

Anyway, the body of his email reads as follows.

Hey, want to get those bills under control for good, it’s easier than you think. We will help you.

Go here this is your solution.

Now, after “Ernest’s” scintillating email, I was really looking forward to the next one which looked suspiciously familiar. Its subject line was very similar to the one Ernest sent. It was simply titled “(no subject)” and was sent to me by Louise Hinson. Interestingly, like Ernest above, her email address,, didn’t really seem to match up with her name.

Oh and Sara, that Karma thing applies to you as well.

The body of her message is where she and Ernest bore the most striking resemblance however and it was as follows.

Hey, want to get those bills under control for good, it’s easier than you think. We will help you.

Go here this is your solution.

So these are three little slices of spam I’ve dined on today and thought I’d share them with you. I’m curious to see what sort of response they generate.

Let’s see!!



Fax Spam

Fax SpamWow.  This was a new one for me.

About 20 minutes ago, this came over the fax machine at my clinic.

I know the picture quality isn’t so good as I took the pic with my cell phone camera, so I’ll type what is written.

It is a fax from LBI, INC. of Toronto, Canada and was sent by “Tod

The subject is “Re: our last conversation

Under the comments section it says

“Sorry, my cell battery went on me.

The pills I use Work Better than Viagra & you don’t need a prescription because it’s herbal.  That alone saves you $100 for a doctor visit.

This website gives out FREE samples


I’t very, very effective, you’ll be happy you tried it.  The Free Sample offer can end anytime so I’d get it now while you can.”

For what it’s worth, I don’t know Tod, nor have I had any cell phone conversations with him.

At the risk of revealing too much information, I will also state here for the record, that I have no personal need for any product of this sort.  The plumbing is still fully functional so far!

I know a lot of folks routinely receive this sort of spam via email on a regular basis. This is the first time I’ve ever received any via the fax machine, however.

Since I am the only male working in my clinic, the girls all had a good laugh and told me that this fax was obviously for me.

I’d sure like to know who gave Tod our fax number.

You can’t really see it in the picture above, but Tod has wisely blocked his number from appearing on the fax copy.

Anyway, hope you all have a laugh at this, and I hope this isn’t the first in a new wave of spam.

On a positive note however, perhaps this is just the sort of thing to drag the medical profession kicking and screaming into the 21st century and convince us all to get rid of the fax machines.



Here’s the “One Semester of Spanish Love Song”

Okay, this post has absolutely nothing to do with medicine, the healthcare system, medical practice or anything of the sort.

In a sort of tangential, really-making-a-stretch way however, it does have to do with staying healthy.

There’s an old saying that says “Laughter is the best medicine.” There’s even a good bit of empirical evidence to back that up. Here’s just one example.

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