Beer Washed Pillow Cases. Hmmm.

I just read an interesting post over at the Geeky Housewife blog.

Apparently she read in some magazine from Rachel Ray that if you wash your pillow cases in diluted beer, it’ll help you sleep better at night.  She is planning on conducting a home trial herself.

The very thought of thus wasting perfectly good beer already has me thinking I’ll probably be losing some sleep over this.  Here in the lifeboat, beer is a precious comodity and not to be wasted!

She also says that the article claims that the beer must be a “hops variety”. While I’m not a dogmatically strict prosthelytizer of the Reinheitsgebot, I do feel that if it ain’t got at least some hops involved, it ain’t really beer! (Now I know that some shiners also use the term “beer” to refer to the fermented mash prior to distillation, but we all know that ain’t the sort of beer we’re talking about here.)

Having not read the magazine article myself, I’m assuming they’re recommending a beer that has a more pronounced hoppiness such as an IPA , for instance.   These guys occassionally make some stuff that’s hoppy enough to erode the enamel off your teeth.  Just kidding.  But yeah, that’s a hoppy beer.

Rather than watering down and diluting beer for this purpose, I think the housewife should just save some time and use straight Budwiser or one of it’s many watery clones (Corona, Miller, PBR, Coors, etc).

Anyway, I am looking forward to reading the promised report of her findings from her home trial.


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