Joe Wilson 1. Michael Moore 0.

So I came across this link on an online forum I frequent.

It’s basically a story about the impending closing of a dialysis clinic at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

 The gist of the story is one of human tragedy.  There is a substantial number of folks who depend on this dialysis clinic to stay alive who will now be forced to find an alternative.

 That won’t be easy for many of them to do however because so far, this dialysis clinic has been treating them for free.

 According to the story, about two thirds of the patients who have been receiving their dialysis there are illegal immigrants, presumably most of whom have their origins south of the U.S. border with Mexico. (they did mention one illegal immigrant from Ethiopia)

 Because they are here illegally, they have no insurance and also have no public health care benefits (i.e. medicaid and/or medicaid).  So Grady has been forced to eat the cost associated with treating them.

 Those who are not here illegally ALL have Medicare paying for their dialysis.

 Between the two groups this dialysis clinic has been costing Grady about 2 million bucks a year in losses.  Overall, Grady is losing about 33.5 million bucks a year and therefore has to find places to cut costs.  This dialysis clinic is squarely in their cross-hairs.

This sucks for everyone involved.

Illegal immigrants or not, these are people and this is a real and potentially life-ending situation for them.

That said, I don’t really know what the solution is (but I do propose one idea at the end of this posting). Grady is mostly a tax-payer supported institution.  Is it fair to expect the taxpayers in this country to continually pay for the care of people who are here illegally?  Fair or not, can we afford to do this indefinitely?

On the online forum where I found this link, the overall tone from the left was that this story represented our need for universal health care in the U.S. so that these folks would be covered illegal immigrant or not.  They use this article to argue for supporting Mr. Obama’s plans to reform the health care system in the U.S.

 Perhaps Joe Wilson was right.

 The thing I was wondering about however is this:

 Why are these folks even here in the first place?  I don’t mean that as in Why do we allow them to be here, but rather, I mean Why do they even want to be here? 

According to the folks on the left, everyone knows that U.S. health care sucks.  After all, we spend more per capita than anyone else and have dismal health outcomes such as lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality. Right?

If you are sitting in Mexico or Honduras or El Salvador, etc. and need dialysis, why the heck would you illegally sneak across the border to receive your health care here? 

Michael Moore says our health care here sucks.  He says that you can get great health care in the socialist utopia of Castro’s Cuba.  I’m sure that if you come from Mexico, it’s probably easier to get into Cuba.  I’m sure the proletariat there would welcome fellow proletarian brothers with open arms.  No need to sneak across the dessert under darkness of night.  No need to pay smugglers to get you past the U.S. border patrol.  No need to learn a new language.

 Why didn’t these folks in need of dialysis simply immigrate to Cuba instead?

 So here’s what I propose.  The article claims that there are about 90 patients dependent upon this outpatient dialysis clinic.  The article claims that about two thirds of them are illegal immigrants without any sort of insurance.  The other 30 or so patients have medicare and medicaid and therefore should be able to afford for care in other facilities.

 That leaves about 60 or so folks.  Just about enough to fill a small airliner.

 How bout putting them on a small airliner and giving them a one-way ticket to Cuba?

Hell, I’d even be willing to chip in for a one-way ticket or two provided one of them has Michale Moore’s name on it.  :-)

Problem solved.  Next!



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  • Just for your interest. There are thousands of illegal immigrants that receive dialysis in the U.S. There are only a few hospitals that will publicize it. Also, most illegal immigrants do not come here for dialysis. They come here for a better life, can’t receive health care, and then end up with kidney failure because of hypertension and diabetes. Most immigrants have not been to Mexico for several years because U.S. workers employ them. Some also were brought over by their parents as infants and don’t know anyone in Mexico. The U.S. has employed them for years, educated, etc.. They may not pay federal taxes, but they pay taxes with everything that they buy. Do I think that they should get free health care? Only if U.S citizens can get it too.

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