Baclofen For Addiction Treatment?

Saw an interesting blurb on the internet this morning about a French physician who claims that Baclofen, which is a drug normally used to treat folks with spastic muscle disorders, was able to cure him of his addiction to alcohol.

Here’s a link to a brief story on it.

It would be nice if subsequent research shows this to be of benefit.

Drug addiction is a terrible thing that tears people’s lives apart.

Hmmmmmm……..I wonder if Baclofen could help eliminate my craving for junk food?????

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  • I received Dr. Ameisen’s book today and have read most of it. I have a son who is a heroine addict. He is currently in rehab. This is his third time. He uses the day he comes out. He had surgery on a very large tumor at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in NYC around 7-8 years ago. He got addicted to prescription opiates for chronic pain caused by the surgery. He is now fighting for his life. He has 3 outcomes, jail, death, or recovery. I believe that baclofen could be of great use to all addicts. The problem is that no one will fund the research because Baclofen is a generic drug that will not be lucrative to the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors are hesitant to prescribe it to their addicted patients for lack of medical studies. It is a terrible shame that perhaps millions of people could regain a normal, fulfilling life because no one will take the initiative and help. My son may die before things change.

  • I have also read The End of My Addiction and thought that it was fantastic. I asked my chemical dependency doctors about baclofen, and the drug was quickly dismissed as simply a muscle relaxant, unable to do what is claimed in the book. Undeterred, I went to my regular doctor, and after he did some research, he prescribed a three month supply. 10mg/3x/day. I have only been on it for five days, but I’m hoping for the help the author described. Time will tell. No side effects so far.

  • Just got on baclofen, had been doing alot of percosets. So far I feel ok and have no symptoms of withdrawul

  • I am doing a research paper on the effects of baclofen on addicts and alcoholiics and the effect it may have on recovery. Please send me any pertinent data you may have as to the affect that baclofen may have had on your patients. I would appreciate a quick response. I just found your website.

    Thank you,
    Pam Hnery

  • i had a friend who is a drug addict and he was able to recover from it. now he is drug free:**

  • Baclofen withdrawl can be harsh. Do research before you start taking another drug to become dependant on.

  • Hello

    I have read whatevr available on Baclofen. I am hopeful that it will work for alcohol deaddiction

    I shall like to know more about it

  • I am currently on baclofen. In order to achieve proper results clients need to achieve approx 2.2mg per kg of body weight. I am currently at 200 mg’s a day. My life has changed. I am indifferent to drugs and alcohol. Research grant has been approved and clinical trials will begin for baclofen in Early 2011. I believe this will change how addiction is treated.

  • A family member has struggled with alcoholism for many years. He has tried numerous rehabs but never maintained any length of sobriety.Given that treatment( so called) has such a poor success rate, the news of baclofen brings hope, false hope not sure. This clinicial trial, where is it? in canada?

  • My adult son was an alcohol and pill addict for 11 years, with multiple inpatient rehab and hospitalizations, injuries, broken bones, and lastly, in a 3-week coma. Someone gave him the book
    “End of My Addiction”. Desperate to stay recovered, he found a local doc who was willing to try him on the Baclofen. My son has been resurrected, has a job and friends, has been sober and clean for 7 months. It is nothing short of a miracle. I am SURE that in the future this will be the therapy of choice for any addiction. What it seems to do is remove the desperate craving that keeps the addict taking more and more, and gives them more of a feeling of “take it or leave it”, and gives those who WANT to recover the physical ability to not have to use. This is just my testimony, but I know that my wonderful son is alive and enjoying life due to this book and this medication. I pray that everyone reading this will find a doc who will try them on this wonderful medication.

  • Therese,

    I’m always pleased when I hear of someone having success in healing and/or improving their lives. Thanks for sharing!



  • Hah. This stuff works. I’ve used to “cure” myself of alcoholism. Wish I’d found it sooner, to be honest. Side Effects abound, but all worth it in the quest. The website “MyWayOut” has a wealth of information on it, have a look.



  • Hi alcoholic chronic seeing Prof Chick soon to discuss Baclofen. Will keep you updated, any suggestions Dr Sam what you would like me to record during my initial phase ?

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