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Sometimes You Just Shake Your Head In Amusement


The sad thing is that around here, this thing might actually work!

I think I’m Starting To Understand Joe Biden’s Enthusiasm

Saw this story when reading the news this morning.

It’s a story that I couldn’t help smiling at.  Basically it talks about all the hanky panky that is going on at The Villages.

To those who have never heard of The Villages, it is basically a gigantic gated retirement community in Florida, where wealthy older folks can spend their golden years hanging out by the pool, golfing, and apparently, according to this story, engaging in all sorts of lascivious behavior.  And why the heck shouldn’t they???

Dr. Sam says “Good for you Granny!”

Anyway, the story immediately made me think of this video that was making it’s rounds on the interwebs a few months ago.

Glad to know we have such sober leadership taking over in D.C.

He, She, It. Which is it???

Story here


Thanks, Dude!

I had a patient today tell me that he actually read fully my posts about weight loss and was putting the stuff there into action.

He even downloaded a program called Lose It for his iPhone that was helping him keep track of calories and weight.

I don’t own an iPhone, but he showed me his and the program looks pretty cool.

So far (only a couple weeks) he’s loosing weight right on track.

That was pretty gratifying.

Thanks, dude!

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