Dr. Sam’s Modest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)



You know, this whole sub-thread just gave me a great idea.

Everybody keeps complaining about the cost of health-care.

How bout if the govt just starts giving me a check every month to NOT see patients.

I’d give them a deep discount. They could pay me say 50 bucks for every patient that I don’t see, as opposed to what those patient visits would otherwise cost, which would usually be greater than 50 bucks.

So the govt. would save money on every patient by simply paying me to NOT see them.

If they agree to this, I could really ramp up my productivity a lot too.

I bet that once I get in a groove, I could probably NOT see at least a thousand patients a day.

I think I’ll write this up as a proposal for a demonstration project and submit it to Medicare.

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