Where’s your face?

Mail BoxDear Doctor Sam,

Why don’t you show your face on your website. What’s up with the pictures of the back of your head?



Well Curious, that’s a great question.

Other than the obvious answer which is that my face ain’t all that pretty, it’s all about preserving the thin veil of anonymity.

I know it isn’t much of a veil and that any truly determined person would have very little difficulty discovering my identity, but it’s something at least.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of nutjobs out there who might not like some opinion I write or whatever and I really don’t want some potential stalker or axe-murderer to know what I look like.

I suppose it could be argued that an axe-murderer would likely sneak up behind me in order to strike his blow and that I therefore am showing him exactly what to look for by showing the back of my head, but I guess that’s just a chance I’ll have to take.

Anyway, there’s no super secret here. Maybe someday I’ll reveal my full name and face, but for now, I prefer to maintain a little bit of privacy.

Hope that satisfies your curiosity!



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