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Smart bird!

Calico CatNot sure why exactly, but this story really made me smile

Lost Parrot Gives Vet His Name and Address

It made me think of an experience my wife and I had during my medical school days in Jackson, MS.

One day, my wife came home and discovered a calico cat on the front porch of our house. It was a really beautiful cat with an extremely sweet disposition.

She petted it a bit and then went inside, figuring it belonged to a neighbor and would go home soon.

Well, the cat continued to stick around….for a day or two, so we decided to see if we could track down it’s owners.

It had a collar with a rabies vaccination tag.

So my wife called the veterinary clinic that was listed on the tag to see if they could use the tag number to locate the owner.

The clinic was located in south Jackson in what is essentially a nearly exclusively African American neighborhood.

The receptionist answering the telephone took the tag number from my wife and put her on hold while she looked up the owners name in her records.

A few moments later she came back on the line and my wife heard her say “That’s not yo’ kitty.”

My wife responded “Oh, I know she’s not mine. That’s why I called you. I found her on my porch and I’m trying to locate her owner.”

My wife heard her start giggling and say “No, that’s not yo’ kitty.”

Realizing she was not being understood, my wife responded, speaking a little more slowly “I know it’s not my kitty. I’m trying to find out whose kitty it is.”

They went back and forth like this a few more times with the receptionist getting increasingly giggly and my wife getting increasingly frustrated.

Finally, the receptionist between giggles cleared things up by telling my wife, “You don’t understand. I’m trying to tell you the cat’s name. Her name is ‘Nacho-Kitty.’   If you bring her down to the clinic, we can contact the owner for you and return their cat to them.”

(Maybe you had to be there, but usually when my wife tells this story, people give her a funny look.

I think maybe in our overly-P.C. society they think she is being racist and making it up or something, but my wife is by far the least racist person I have ever known. I honestly know nobody with a more pure, kind, and accepting heart.

She’s just relaying the story as it happened.)

HT for the parrot story to BadHabit.
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Dr. Sam’s Modest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)

You know, this whole sub-thread just gave me a great idea.

Everybody keeps complaining about the cost of health-care.

How bout if the govt just starts giving me a check every month to NOT see patients.

I’d give them a deep discount. They could pay me say 50 bucks for every patient that I don’t see, as opposed to what those patient visits would otherwise cost, which would usually be greater than 50 bucks.

So the govt. would save money on every patient by simply paying me to NOT see them.

If they agree to this, I could really ramp up my productivity a lot too.

I bet that once I get in a groove, I could probably NOT see at least a thousand patients a day.

I think I’ll write this up as a proposal for a demonstration project and submit it to Medicare.

Where’s your face?

Mail BoxDear Doctor Sam,

Why don’t you show your face on your website. What’s up with the pictures of the back of your head?



Well Curious, that’s a great question.

Other than the obvious answer which is that my face ain’t all that pretty, it’s all about preserving the thin veil of anonymity.

I know it isn’t much of a veil and that any truly determined person would have very little difficulty discovering my identity, but it’s something at least.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of nutjobs out there who might not like some opinion I write or whatever and I really don’t want some potential stalker or axe-murderer to know what I look like.

I suppose it could be argued that an axe-murderer would likely sneak up behind me in order to strike his blow and that I therefore am showing him exactly what to look for by showing the back of my head, but I guess that’s just a chance I’ll have to take.

Anyway, there’s no super secret here. Maybe someday I’ll reveal my full name and face, but for now, I prefer to maintain a little bit of privacy.

Hope that satisfies your curiosity!



Ask Dr. Sam

Mail BoxHi Folks,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I guess I’ve been a bit busier than usual recently.

Also, quite frankly, I just haven’t had much inspiration.

I did do a brief addition to the disease index with an article on Erectile Dysfunction, but otherwise, has been a pretty quiet place the past week or two.

I had hoped by now to have more articles in both the disease and medication indexes, but I think perhaps I’ve been a bit too ambitious here. Writing these articles is pretty labor and time consuming and there really is a virtually unending number of diseases and medications to cover.

All of this has caused me to do some thinking about the direction of this website.

One thing I find myself doing a lot of is answering people’s questions. This occurs in my clinic, on the internet, and just in my general life itself. People ask my advice and opinions on all sorts of things, not just their health care. In large part, this dynamic was some of my motivation for starting this website.

One of my main goals was to cut down my work over time. Rather than verbally answer the same questions over and over, I figured I could just create a website where I could put that information and then refer people there to find their answers.

In reality however, I find that this has increased my work. Now I am writing articles and still having people ask me the same questions. I also find myself receiving emails at my address from folks seeking my advice.

Until now, I’ve typically just been engaging in private correspondence with these folks by replying to their emails.

It dawned upon me however that some of these questions and queries for advice I receive might benefit others who read this blog so I thought I’d create a new blog category and occasionally post these questions and my responses to them as actual blog posts. I’ll call this category “Ask Dr. Sam”.

The beauty of this concept I think is that with the ability to leave comments on blog posts, other readers can also chime in with their input and advice.

The other thing that dawned upon me is the idea that perhaps other folks might like to try their hand at writing some articles for the disease and medication indexes.

I’ve already got some examples of the sort of format I’d like these articles to take. The goal with them is to put information in simple easy to understand words so that the average person can educate themselves a bit.

So what do you folks think?

Any of you interested in trying your hand at writing some articles?

Any of you interested in getting my thoughts on some particular subject?

If so, just shoot me an email at

If you submit an article or a question, I’ll take a look at it and if it seems like something appropriate for this website, I’ll publish it for you.

For the articles, if you wish to remain anonymous, then let me know. If however, you wish to receive credit for your work, I’ll be glad to put your name on it.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from folks and seeing how this pans out.

Until then, cheers!


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