Fax Spam

Fax SpamWow.  This was a new one for me.

About 20 minutes ago, this came over the fax machine at my clinic.

I know the picture quality isn’t so good as I took the pic with my cell phone camera, so I’ll type what is written.

It is a fax from LBI, INC. of Toronto, Canada and was sent by “Tod

The subject is “Re: our last conversation

Under the comments section it says

“Sorry, my cell battery went on me.

The pills I use Work Better than Viagra & you don’t need a prescription because it’s herbal.  That alone saves you $100 for a doctor visit.

This website gives out FREE samples


I’t very, very effective, you’ll be happy you tried it.  The Free Sample offer can end anytime so I’d get it now while you can.”

For what it’s worth, I don’t know Tod, nor have I had any cell phone conversations with him.

At the risk of revealing too much information, I will also state here for the record, that I have no personal need for any product of this sort.  The plumbing is still fully functional so far!

I know a lot of folks routinely receive this sort of spam via email on a regular basis. This is the first time I’ve ever received any via the fax machine, however.

Since I am the only male working in my clinic, the girls all had a good laugh and told me that this fax was obviously for me.

I’d sure like to know who gave Tod our fax number.

You can’t really see it in the picture above, but Tod has wisely blocked his number from appearing on the fax copy.

Anyway, hope you all have a laugh at this, and I hope this isn’t the first in a new wave of spam.

On a positive note however, perhaps this is just the sort of thing to drag the medical profession kicking and screaming into the 21st century and convince us all to get rid of the fax machines.



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  • I just received the same exact fax. I am disgusted! It is bad enough we get bombarded with this crap via email! This came across on our priority fax machine at the office! Where does it stop!?

  • I just received the same fax on my direct fax number. I am a partner in a law firm, and happen to be female. I’ve never spoken to Tod either.

  • Unfortunately we get junk FAXes all the time, literally, which is why I have to remember to close my office door (home office) at night so the incoming FAX doesn’t wake us up. I’d like to wring the neck of the person on the other end of the line.

  • I received the same fax just now. Makes me angry to use my paper and my ink. I thought you were required to have your fax number listed!~ ccc




  • Um, I certainly hope you haven’t reported me (drsam) to any registry complaint department as I have not sent you any faxes.

    If you have read my post above , you will see that I too received this aggravating little fax.

    For what it’s worth, my fax number is also registered with the Do Not Call Registry.

    If you wish to report someone to the registry complaint department (whatever that is), I would suggest perhaps you should file a complaint about “Tod” or perhaps “LBI. Inc of Toronto, Canada.”

    By the way, please turn off the caps-lock key on your keyboard. No need to shout around here. Drsamonline.com is a laid back friendly sort of place.

    Oh, and another by the way, if you don’t wish to receive further fax spam, it might be a good idea for you to NOT publish your fax number in the comments section of this, or any other blog.

    I will accept no responsibility for any obnoxious faxes you may receive as a result of your having published your fax number in a publicly viewable blog comments section. I assure you that any such faxes you may receive will not have come from me.

    Jus’ Sayin’



    p.s. If you’d like for me to edit your fax number out of your comment above, just shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to do so.

  • This is a government agency and I would appreciate it if you would remove our fax number and quit sending us your garbage. Not a number on the fax you sent to remove our number so thats why I am sending this. (###) ###-####

    editors note: Mary’s fax number has been edited out as she requested. 🙂

  • I can’t believe how stupid you people are.

    This is a BLOG! About the same fax you received! And it’s making light of it! This is not the guy who sent you the fax! Stop posting your fax number on the internet….

    anyway, i got the fax at my (medical) office too, Sam…i was just doing some research on LBI in Toronto and saw your post. best spam fax ever, though!

  • Mary Brubaker,

    Please see my reply to the comment above yours.

    I haven’t sent you any garbage.

    Do yourself a favor and don’t publish your fax number in a publicly viewable blog comments section.

    I too received the same obnoxious fax. I did not send it to anyone.

    Since this is the second comment left here demanding that I don’t send any more fax spam, I can only conclude that people either have very poor reading comprehension or else their lips simply wore out before they could read the entire post.

    I have better things to do than to continually leave the same reply to these folks. Therefore, I won’t reply to any more idiot comments of this type.

    If you are foolish enough to post your fax number on this comments section, which is completely publicly viewable, then you (not me) will be responsible for any deluge of future fax spam that such action on your part generates.

    Please know however, that neither I nor anyone affiliated with drsamonline.com has anything whatsoever to do with sending you or anyone else any fax spam.

    The fax machine in my clinic is used strictly for requesting and receiving medical records, lab reports, etc.

    The spam annoyed me too.

    Mary, and mister anonymous caps-key-shouter above her, and any future comment leavers, I’m genuinely sorry you received this fax spam garbage. I did not send it however. I know absolutely no more about the folks who did send it than you do.

    I’d love to remove your number from the spammers list just as I’d love to remove my own.

    Sheesh folks! Is this really such a difficult concept???



    p.s., I’ll make you the same offer as I made to the anonymous guy above you Mary.

    If you’d like me to edit your fax number out of your comment, just shoot me an email.

    If you don’t send me such a request, I can only conclude that you want your fax number to remain in this publicly viewable blog comments section.

    I will warn you that I don’t sit around checking my email all day, so any such request may take a day or so before the number actually gets edited out of you comment.

  • Hey Nathaniel,

    I believe if you read the first 5 words in Mary’s post, you’ll find a clue as to the reason behind her confusion!

  • Nathaniel – Ok heres the email saying remove my fax number from your post. As for the person who wrote saying if you read the first 5 words in my post you would understand my confusion let me just say what a nice secure job I have and next year what a nice retirement I will have. Can you say that same?

    ###Hi Mary, I edited out your fax number for you as requested. I hope you enjoy your retirement….Sam

  • excellent observation drsam.

    thanks for the other bright spot in my day (besides the spam fax). my fellow officemates enjoyed your post and accompanying comments as well.

  • I just got the same fax and I am furious. I am having to pay for their advertisement with my ink & paper. Does anyone know which agency regulates trade over the phone lines. I really want to let someone that has some authority know how disturbing this is.

  • Just received 2 of these SPAM faxes.
    One came to a number that hasn’t been used as a fax number in over 5 years. That means that someone is selling an obsolete number. I only hooked up an old machine to that line to see what idiots were still using it.
    At lease the header had a partial number on it, although it’s in so small a font it’s barely readable.
    Maybe this will be a clue for someone with enough time to track them down. It looks like 416-929-####


    Hi John,

    I think that is the same return number/format that was on the fax I recieved.

    Personally, I’ve only received the one fax last week and if that’s all I get, then it’s just not worth my time to try and track it down or file a complaint or anything. If it becomes a recurrent problem for me, then I’ll probably get a bit more aggressive with it. For now, it’s more just mildly annoying/funny to me.

    I declined to publish his comment here, but I did receive another comment from some loon who thinks I’m somehow connected with the fax spammers. His comments to me were pretty hostile and laced with profanities and included what appeared to me to be a threat of physical violence.

    Unlike the fax-spam, that was more than just mildly annoying or funny. Therefore, I was quite pleased to forward his comments along with his email and IP address information, internet service provider info, etc to the appropriate law enforcement agency. He may be hearing from them in the near future I suspect, or at the very least his info will likely be going into a government database. On the off-chance this dork actually attemtps to follow through on his threats, it should be pretty easy to track him down.

    Sigh…..thus is the life of the “internets” I suppose!



  • I recieved this fax today. I put ot on my boss’ desk & when he got to work & in his office he picked it up & brought it straight to me. He & I thought it was very funny. We recieve stuff all the time & it does get old, but what can you do about it. I think next time I get it I will put the name of the husband of girl we work with on it & copy it & put it on her desk & see what happens. Have a good day.

  • Hi, How do I get my FREE sample? Thanks


    Hi Gary,

    I have no affiliation at all with these folks, so I don’t know anything about how to get your FREE sample.

    For what it’s worth, as a physician, I gotta say that I would strongly caution you against taking this stuff.

    I haven’t gone to their website or explored their product, but most of these type of products contain various herbal products, etc.

    One of the big marketing points for most of this sort of crap is to say something along the lines of “It’s all natural, so you know it’s safe.”

    Pure hogwash!!!

    Rattlesnake venom is all natural. Would you like an injection of some? How ’bout if it’s a FREE sample?

    Getting struck by lightning, crushed by a falling oak tree, eaten by a grizzly bear, devoured by pirhanas, swarmed by africanized killer bees, etc., are also “all natural” events.

    Do you wish to volunteer for any FREE samples of these?

    I’ve seen a lot of patients have bad problems and side effects from “all natural” herbal products.

    If you have some form of sexual dysfunction prompting you to have interest in this product, I would strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with your personal physician to discuss your problem.



  • this might be the greatest comment section on any blog ever, drsam.

    i am definitely not retiring next year, as mary contends for herself, but at least i have the brains to realize that this isn’t the source of the fax.

    i’m just enjoying this so much…

  • Dr Sam,

    Gary must be a great kidder and is playing into the theme or people are even dumber than my cynical imagination will allow as to be possible.

    Mary is right, she needs to retire before she hurts someone, hope she is NOT in the medical field. A person like would have your head amputated for an ingrown toenail.

    I unfortunately get fax Spam more than I would like. I have had the # for many years and I suspect it has been sold more than once….

    Lord Have Mercy on Us All…..

    Joel, I hope you’re right about Gary, and that he was just pulling my leg.

    If not, I sort of hope that maybe he fails to get his free samples as that may be best for the human gene pool in the grand scheme of things.

    I sort of agree with Nathaniel that this comments section is proving to be rather entertaining.

    Mary is awesome, isn’t she? Oh my goodness.

    It’s government hot-shots like her that make the prospect of universal, government run health care scare the heck out of me.



  • We too received this fax today, and had a good laugh with our only male employee in our office. He also felt compelled to assure us firmly that he didn’t need this product to satisfy his wife. Thank you for letting us have such a good laugh with all the blogs/posts on this Friday. Not to keep on picking on Mary…but really….she’s not in charge of our upcoming rebate checks, is she??
    Thanks again!!!

  • I receiver two of these today, one at the office where I volunteer for the sheriff and one at home. The one at home took some explaining!

  • I got the same fax today and anyone that receives this or any other fax that does not have a opt out phone number should go to FCC.gov and file an on-line complaint. I just did and even faxed a copy of Tod’s fax to the FCC. If enough people file complaints maybe these people will get shut down.

  • We approve of Dr. Sam! We’re starting the “ready4her” revolution! Thanks for the pic. You’re the best!



    Hi L.A. Blue!

    Check your fax machine. The free samples should be coming over in just a little while!

    Have fun,


  • My introduction to this sales pitch: I sit in stunned silence after being handed this fax by my wife of 19 years as she demands an explaination,as this is the first time I have seen this commerical my intense study of the document promps my wife to impute “can’t explain the unexplainable can you”? My attempt to understand just what the hell this is comes off as the silence of the guilty via a man whose 19 year marriage has been comming apart for the last two years.
    As is often the case with marriages in trouble I have not shared a bed with my wife in over 6 months, I have not been intimate with ANYONE in that time, obviously I am the last one that needs or wants this product!
    While I can not say that your unwanted commerical destroyed my marriage, that was done by my wife and I, I will, kind Sir, charge that your commerical has ended any hope I may have had to put it back together.
    I have a 16 year old son named Lee and a 12 year old daughter named Hannah, it was because of them I had not yet left my home and and family, it is because of you and the format you selected in your desire to push product without any thought for the damage such an approach could cause I must now give up any hope and leave my family.
    However, I’m sure that I have wasted my time here, fore, I’m sure that if you even read this it will have little or no effect on how you advertise.


    Hi Todd,

    Sorry to hear about your problems.

    One suggestion I might make (although I don’t think it, or anything else for that matters sounds very likely to solve your problems), is that you first read the entire post you just responded to, as well as the other comments.

    Then, ask you wife to do the same.

    I said I wasn’t going to do this, but I’ll break my promise here and say this one more time. I’ll even use the annoying caps-lock shouting technique, in case that will help anyone’s reading comprehension.






    Help me out here folks, please…..Is there any way I can possibly be more clear to the reading-impared???????????

  • We received the same fax at my office, an investment firm. I’m send it to FTC.

  • I am a former freshman in high school and one of my teachers uses both sides of the paper for quizzes as a way of recycling. Anyway, I was looking on the other side to see what was on it, and to my surprise, it was this fax. My friends and I were disgusted (and a little entertained) that my teacher was in possession of this fax. We decided to go onto READY4HER.com as a joke and discovered that the web site does not exist and instead, found this web page. We were quite disappointed by the truth, but had our fun laughing at his necessities. Thanks for opening our eyes.

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