A Plan For Intelligent Health Care Reform Part 6

Singapore SlingSingapore Sling Okay, if you read Part 5 of this series outlining what I affectionately call The Dr. Sam Plan, you know that I promised to offer a quick blurb here in Part 6 about what I envision as a meaningful way to deal with the 800 pound gorilla, known as the medical liability crisis.

I’ll have to do that in Part 7 instead.

First however, I need to offer a brief little addendum to Part 5. 

In part 5, as you know, I outlined what I envision as some general reforms that I think ought to be considered to improve our health care system and they all basically revolved around the idea of instituting a mandatory Health Savings Account (HSA) system for all citizens, as well as instituting some form of mandatory major medical (catastrophe safety net) type of coverage to be either run by the government or private industry or some combination thereof.

Well here I was feeling all smug and proud of myself this morning ,when I came across Graham’s most recent post.  Now the post was interesting and all, but what caught my eye was the comments section.  Look at comments number 3 and 4 from the top where you will see a comment by someone named “BV” followed by my reply to him.

So here I am, having spent 5 long-winded posts leading up to my ideas, when all along, little ole Singapore, that tiny little caning paradise at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, has basically been running a system that sounds remarkably similar to what I outlined in my last post here.  Who knew?

Damn, don’t I feel silly now?  What makes me feel even sillier is that I should have known about this.  My wife grew up in Indonesia and Malaysia and has had extensive contact with the medical system in Singapore.  Also, a couple years ago, I was actually offered a physician job (of sorts) in Singapore and almost took it. 

Well, as I mentioned in my reply to BV, I did a little quick Google search, and sure enough it looks like Singapore is already pretty much on board with the Dr. Sam Plan.  And from the little bit of reading I did here at Econlog, it appears to be working quite well. 

I will definitely need to look into this more. 

Maybe my pessimism about ever actually getting such a system off the ground here was a bit unfounded after all.

2 Responses to “A Plan For Intelligent Health Care Reform Part 6”

  • Hello!
    Thank you, you googled it for both of us I suppose. The system seems nice enough. It would be great to know how it performs… The answer to your question: I practice in Slovenia, EU.

  • Hi BV,

    Again, thanks for the clue about Singapore!

    When I have a bit more time, I intend to read up a bit more about their health care system, outcomes, etc.

    Out of curiosity, are you originally from Slovenia, or did you move there from elsewhere?

    I’d love to hear more about the system in your country, learn about the strengths and weaknesses you observe, your experiences there, etc.

    One thing which I think strengthens us all is open communications across borders. As a U.S. physician, some of my best learning experiences have come from contacts with doctors from other countries.

    Thanks again!

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