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If you remember in my How to lose weight post not too long ago, I gave you the zero dollar answer to that million dollar question.

That post ended up being about the equivalent length of a 13 page Microsoft Word document.

It seemed to me like an awful lot of writing to get across my basic message regarding fat loss, a message which is virtually overlooked in the myriad of diet books out there.

In a nutshell, my message is something along the lines of “While what you eat is important and you should definitely strive to make healthy foods the mainstay of your diet, and while getting plenty of exercise is important and you should definitely strive to get plenty of good exercise, when it comes to gaining or losing fat, all of that is trumped by the more important concept of how much you eat. When it comes to gaining or losing fat, it really is all about the calories you consume.”

As much as I felt like 13 pages seemed a bit excessive to get this simple message across, I consoled myself with the knowledge that most diet books out there are typically at least a few hundred pages in length. In most of the ones I’ve read, a huge chunk of that few hundred pages seems to be composed of mostly-useless fluff.

They typically contain several chapters of the author telling everyone about his or her qualifications, the personal journey of struggling with weight they endured, the breakthrough revelations on weight loss they discovered, and then countless chapters of recipes (you’ll probably never prepare) at the end.

It all may make for interesting and entertaining reading, but lets face it, Dr. Atkins could have saved us a lot of time and effort if he just spent 20 or so pages giving us some concrete details of his “Eat less carbs” message. Dr. Ornish could do the same with “Eat less saturated fats.”

I assume however, that a 20 page brochure wouldn’t command as much respect from the consumer as a several hundred page book, and therefore marketing forces demand the fluff. People want to feel like they are getting their money’s worth when they plop down 20 bucks for a book. I don’t blame them.

Well, even in my measly 13 pages, I worried I had too much fluff.. After all this wasn’t a 20 buck book. This was the zero buck blog post. So, in that 13 pages, I tried to keep the fluff low, and the valuable content high.

That said, being only 13 pages, it really was only a bare bones write up on how to lose weight.

Well, today, I was surfing around on the web and came across The Hacker’s Diet by John Walker (No, not that Taliban guy).

This is an online version of his print book from the early 90’s. Like the others, it too has some introductory fluff, but like my zero dollar answer, Mr. Walker keeps it to a tolerable minimum. He talks a little about his struggles with weight loss and how he finally managed to solve the problem, but fortunately he doesn’t dwell too much on this. He pretty quickly gets to the meat and potatoes, and I must say they made a satisfying literary snack.

His message is very much in line with mine, regarding the need to cut calorie consumption to lose fat, rather than focusing on carbs and fats and proteins and exercise and all that.

He does a great job of taking this concept into a lot more detail than I did with my brief post, and I really recommend it to anyone wanting to explore this concept further.

Mr. Walker is not a physician. He is an engineer. This works to his advantage, I think. He really does take an engineers problem-solving approach to this weight loss topic.

So, please take a look at this. It will take you a good bit longer to read than my post, but I think it will be time well spent, particularly if you actually put his words into action.

Oh, and just like my blog post, reading his stuff won’t cost you a dime either. 😉

So you won’t have to scroll up, here’s that link again. The Hacker’s Diet.

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