Disease and Medication Index Added

Hi folks,

This is just a quick note to point out a couple new links in the sidebar on the right. These are the Disease Index and Medication Index.

Each of these will take you to a page which will (eventually) have alphabetically listed links to other pages which will have information about particular disease conditions and medications.

As of this writing, I have a sample page in each one.

For the Disease Index page, there is a link to a page describing Giardiasis. This is information that is a cut and paste that came from the Centers for Disease Control website.

For the Medication Index page, there is a link to a page describing Amoxicillin. This is info that is a cut and paste that came from wikipedia.

Again, both of these are really just temporary examples that I put in there for the purpose of helping me organize my thoughts about how to structure the website and link up pages, etc.

Eventually, the actual information that is on these particular pages will be replaced with more user friendly, original content that I hope to have the energy and time to produce.

Also, you might notice that if you go to drsamonline.com, it no longer takes you directly to the blog page, but rather it takes you to a home page.

Currently there is a lengthy description of what the site is about. Eventually, this too should be replaced with something a bit more meaningful.

Anyway, that’s all for the moment.

Please, take a look at the new stuff, and give me some feedback and any suggestions you might have to help me improve the look, feel, content, and usefulness of the website.



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