Here’s the “One Semester of Spanish Love Song”

Okay, this post has absolutely nothing to do with medicine, the healthcare system, medical practice or anything of the sort.

In a sort of tangential, really-making-a-stretch way however, it does have to do with staying healthy.

There’s an old saying that says “Laughter is the best medicine.” There’s even a good bit of empirical evidence to back that up. Here’s just one example.

(By the way, should you take a look at the above link, the endothelium referenced in that article is the part of an artery that first starts to get damaged and form cracks, as mentioned in my answer to Jesse’s question about arteriosclerosis, in the comments section of the Penumbra post.)

In addition to the noble goals I have previously listed for this website, I also have another motive, and that is to have fun.

Life is pretty meaningless if we don’t occasionally do something goofy and fun for no other reason that just pure amusement and laughter.

So, anyway, that is really a sort of long-winded way of saying that this post is mostly just a silly goofy post for entertainment. It also is hopefully serving the purpose of allowing me to learn a little bit about how to embed video content.

Below this paragraph, you should hopefully find a goofy video embedded in this post, followed by another sentence to show me that I can put the video where I want to within posts. Make sure your speakers are turned on.

I hope this video will end up where I want it (just above the sentence you are currently reading, but below those preceding it).

I also hope you found it as silly and amusing as I did.



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