Future Plans for the Blog

I’m still in the total newbie stages of this blog thing.

Yesterday, I finally received my order from Amazon that included the book WordPress For Dummies.

I’m quite excited by this as I hope to be able to greatly expand my abilities with this software and make this blog much more useful and much more user friendly.

Right now, what I’m hoping to do is use the software for more than just blogging. I want to use it as a content management system.

I’m hoping to create indexed pages that aren’t blog entries but that are rather stand alone pages that provide information about specific subjects. Things like information about specific diseases, treatments, medications, etc.

Basically, this would allow me to keep the blog going and serve as a soapbox for me and my readers (who wish to leave comments) but also provide a valuable information resource for those less inclined to tolerate my pontifications.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this quick blurb. Stay tuned for hopeful enhancements as I get further along in my new book.

Oh, and as I’ve mentioned before, please feel free to give me feedback, constructive criticisms, etc to help me make this a more useful, and fun/enjoyable website.

For now, back to my reading!!!



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